Sunday 1 February 2015

January Favourites

As if it's February already! I've never actually done a 'favourites' post before but there's no time like the present hey! Basically I'm just gonna ramble about some of things I've been loving lately in the hope that it might be of interest to some of you.

First up is this Ole Henriksen pure truth youth activating oil. I received it in a beauty box that I ordered and I've since been using it every day under my moisturiser and I'm absolutely loving having this as an addition to my skincare routine. Basically, the oil aims to activate the skin's reparative ability, leaving it bright and youthful as well as feeling hydrated. Although it's an oil, it's actually really lightweight and absorbs into my skin really quickly (otherwise I wouldn't use it in the morning) and the light citrus scent that it leaves is gorgeous too. It's also really gentle so perfect for sensitive skin and it isn't greasy or prone to breaking me out. All in all a really lovely product!

Bit of a random one but this was just too glorious to leave out. I'm always on the look out for any chocolate that I can actually eat (vegan probz) and when I came across this dark chocolate beauty I knew it was love at first sight. The packaging did sway me, yes, but what was underneath was even more fantastic. Honestly, this is some of the most delicious chocolate you will ever taste - I don't know what the hell it is about that pink Himalayan salt but boy oh boy was it goooood. When I find some more of this, I will 100% be buying it again.

This candle is super cute and smells incredible too (I'm actually burning it right now and it really reminds me of skittles) so any of you fellow candle lovers out there would really appreciate this. I love having girly things like this in my room to cheer me up and just make the place look a little nicer, and these Lily-Flame candles are always so pretty and amazingly scented. If you haven't already, I would really recommend treating yourself to one - 'fairy dust' is another favourite of mine!

Moving back to more beauty related things, I got a set of Spectrum brushes for Christmas and I can't imagine doing my makeup without them now! I use the brushes for everything - applying foundation, contouring, applying blusher - but my favourite brush at the minute is this smaller eye shadow brush as I can create loads of different eye looks so much more easily by using this. The eye shadows blend a million times better when I use this in comparison to the little brushes that come with palettes, and it's much easier to create subtle looks as the eye shadows look a lot softer on the eyes. Would seriously recommend investing in some of these brushes as they are really pretty to look at too!

These are a few other skin/bodycare favourites that have been really impressing me over the past month. I've recently written posts on all three of the products above so feel free to have a browse if they're the kind of things that appeal to you!

Is there anything on my list that you've been using/buying too? What kind of things have you been loving over the past month?

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  1. The dark chocolate sounds amazing and the body shop sorbets are next on my list to buy they look gorgeeeouss xx

    Blonde Of Carbs