Wednesday 11 February 2015

Snooping around Manchester museum

The other week I decided to go look round the Manchester Museum because I pass it basically every time I go to uni but have never actually bothered to go in before. I didn't really think it would be anything special as I never see any hype about it or anything (then again it is a museum, I don't really know what I was expecting) but honestly it was SO cool! I turned into such a child while I was there, eagerly snapping away with my camera and getting overly excited about every single thing that I saw (especially the chameleon!!) so I was really glad that I'd made the trip as it was definitely worth it. Just in case any of you readers are interested in going - which I would 100% recommend - I've added a few of the pictures that I took there so that you know what to expect! Basically just lots of dead things.

This creeped me out. A lot.

Being the massive twitcher that I am I obviously thought these were pretty cool. The lower bird looks like it might be a nuthatch (one of the birds I was photographing in my recent nature post) but they definitely look prettier when they're alive!

This section was really cute as it was done out kind of like a fairytale with all the woodland creatures. The wolf looked absolutely amazing but I also kind of felt like it was going to jump out and bite me at any second so that freaked me out. I might look relaxed just standing there but it actually took me about 10 minutes to slowly edge towards it and try and convince myself that it wasn't behind me just so I could pose for a photo. This guy was also rather scary..

Imagine being locked in at night it would actually be terrifying. The only other person in there who appeared as scared as I was was a really little girl, maybe around the age of 5, who was crying to her dad. All the other kids were running up to everything and putting their faces up to the glass and then there was me, at 20 years of age, having to psych myself up just to get near enough to have a picture.

Moving towards slightly less terrifying things... a goat in a jumper. Odd, very odd.

I loved how cool all the tiny skulls looked together. At first I was in awe at how any human could have such a tiny head, then I realised they were monkey skulls, ooops. Do these paper bird things remind anyone else of Spirited Away?

Fiiiinally, I just had to include this chameleon picture again because he's so incredible. I was really confused and shocked at the fact that there's a live reptile section in the museum - you just get used to everything around you being very dead - but it was insane how many cool species they had there! So many cute tiny little frogs that were super adorable but would probably kill you. On principle, I'm not a fan of animals being captive and I don't visit zoos etc but I have to be honest I did squeal a little bit when I got to see this amazing fella.

I don't really know what the point of this post was, but you did get to see a really pretty chameleon so that in itself means it can't have been too much of a waste of your time. Seriously though, if you live near Manchester I would really recommend giving the museum a visit, especially if you're a nature geek like me you will actually have the time of your life.

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  1. The coolest museum ever maybe? I think ours just goes as far as harping on about how we are a dockyard and wah wah wah isn't it fab?! I mean I wanna go here! it's so cool xxx