Monday 2 March 2015

Get More Sleep with More Drinks

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week, so to help me get prepared for a week of good sleep More Drinks have kindly sent this kit - including their Multivitamin drink* to keep my immune system topped up! I always find that getting into a good routine of eating healthily (plenty of water and fruit and veg) and exercising a few times a week really helps me to sleep well at night, and these drinks are another fab way of making sure that I'm keeping healthy by not missing out on any vital vitamins.

The kit included a few sleep-inducing essentials like an eyemask, ear plugs and even a 'do not disturb' door sign (cute much!?) but I'm most excited to use the microwavable heat pack as I imagine it will feel lovely and relaxing. I've been a bit under the weather recently with tonsillitis anyway so this all came at a great time as I'm hoping it will make me recover as soon as possible!

As it's National Sleep Awareness Week, I would love to hear your best advice on getting a good night's sleep and what your perfect bedtime routine would be. A bit embarrassing, but I find that reading a good book while listening to classical music chills me right out so that I can drop off quickly and sleep like a baby! A nice hot drink always works wonders too. And wine, wine helps.

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  1. Ooooh this is something i haven't heard of before but am glad it exists as I have insomnia but do try my best with lots of remedies, I love having herbal teas and eye masks/ear plugs are absolute necessities xxx