Thursday 14 May 2015

Pro Go Mini Brush Set

I've been absolutely loving using these Makeup Revolution brushes recently! The Pro Go Mini Brush Set* includes 4 mini brushes: an angled brush (so perfect for brows), an eyeshadow brush (probs the least used out of this set for me), a foundation brush and a face brush. Not only are they super cute but the fact that they are so compact means they're obviously really easy to pop in your bag and take with you for touch ups! The brushes are also made of synthetic hair so any of you readers who are animal-lovers like myself have absolutely zero to worry about here.

My favourite brush has to be the angled brush just because it has been doing my brows absolute wonders. I've been really lazy when it comes to brows these past few months, I never filled them in or anything I literally just brushed them with a bit of gel and was good to go, but since receiving this kit I've been loving playing around with more dramatic looks. I've just been using a dark brown eyeshadow from the Black Velvet Palette and then work with the brush to carefully fill my brows in and create a little bit more definition than I would've had before. I'm always sceptical about messing with my brows in case I accidentally go OTT and just look silly but this brush is the perfect size and shape to make everything as easy and neat as possible!

I also can't get enough of the big (well as big as you can get in a mini kit) face brush and I use it to dust translucent powder over my face after I've done my foundation. Because it's smaller than other face brushes you can apply the powder with so much more precision which is really great for me 'cause I can target my oily areas around my t-zone.

I have so many eyeshadow brushes that I haven't really had any need to use the mini eyeshadow brush in all honesty as I like to stick to my Spectrum ones (featured here), and the foundation brush hasn't been used all that much either, but on the times that it has I have definitely noticed a smoother more concentrated coverage because of the fact that you have to work on small areas at a time. Usually I just plonk a load on but when I use this brush it creates a much more even looking base. They suggest using it with liquid concealer but I've been using it with my liquid foundation and it works really nicely!

Have you got any brushes from Makeup Revolution? What do you think of the mini brush set idea - handbag essential or would you just stick to the original size? For only £4.95 you can't go too far wrong either way!

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  1. These are so cute and perfect for your bag like you said!
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