Wednesday 29 June 2016

Australia Diary #1

Hello you! How are ya?? It's been a while. If you follow me on any other social media platform you'll have probably seen that I went away to Australia for a couple of weeks recently but haven't really gone into any detail about anything I did there. I've shared a few snaps on insta and tweeted here and there but I think such a big trip deserves at least a couple of photo diaries to follow up, so here we go...

I went to Oz on holiday to visit my beautiful uni friends who had been travelling (and still are now) around an abundance of amazing countries... Bali, Malaysia, Thailand etc.. - yes, I am just as jealous as you - and with them ending their trip in Australia it seemed like the perfect reason for me to go and A) catch up with my mates and, B) enjoy the trip of a lifetime! After two long flights and 4 questionable plane meals we finally touched down in Brisbane, and wasted no time grabbing a taxi to check in to our hotel (after giving our joints a rub to reduce our flight induced arthritis obvs).
Although we were a mixture of tired, dazed and confused, it was the middle of the day in Brisbane and being the troopers that we are, we decided to catch a bus to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ASAP...
 The sanctuary was so amazing - the perfect way to begin a couple of weeks in Oz. My favourite bit was this big enclosure with loads of kangaroos just chilling so you could feed them, play with them or like most visitors - try and take selfies with them.
Oh, I also spotted this lounge which made me think of you all! 
On day 2 it was already time for us to move to our next location - Rainbow Beach. Fast forward a five hour coach journey later and we were heaving our backpacks onto hostel beds, making conversation with the one other traveller in the room.
Rainbow Beach was really a stop off destination for us to get to our island tour, but it did have some stunning views at sunset. One evening we walked to the beach just as the sun was setting and then did some extreme steep sandboarding (so much fun) before looking out over the golden horizon... It was all very Lion King savannah-esque!
 And here is the view from the opposite direction, facing the sea...
So breath-taking!
After a few days at Rainbow Beach we embarked on my favourite part of the trip - the Fraser island tour! Imagine being on paradise with your best friends in the glorious sunshine for a few days, yep, pretty hard to beat. The coach took us right from our hostel to the island itself by hopping on a ferry, and when we arrived on Fraser we could gaze out at the shark infested waters from the comfort of our own tour bus window.
During our first day on the island we were introduced to the most beautiful lake that you will ever see.. Lake McKenzie. Honestly, it's the place of dreams.
Everyone was having an amazing time just taking pictures of the beautiful water and chilling out in the sun. The area was so unspoilt I honestly don't think I've seen anything quite like it anywhere else! If you ever plan to go to Australia you have to try and work Fraser island into your trip at some point just to witness how pretty this lake is!
After the lake we had some food and then started walking around the forest for the rest of the day. There was soooo much to take in and the whole place felt really fresh and bursting with life...
We had an amazing tour guide who told us so much information about the island and everything that grew on it as we were walking through, as well as regular safety talks and warnings about the wild dingoes that could potentially jump out at us at any moment. Not a situation anyone really wants to encounter.
By the time the sun was setting we were back to the beach again ready to witness our first sunset on Fraser island. It didn't disappoint.
It's always impossible to catch the true beauty of this kind of scene through a lens, but trust me it was unreal. The perfect end to the perfect day on the perfect island!
Next time I'll pick up where I left off and share the rest of the photos from my trip with you... see you soon!
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  1. Stunning photographs, those sunsets are beautiful! Also that koala is so adorable!