Sunday 24 July 2016

Australia Diary #2

Hiyaaa! I'm back with the second instalment of my Oz diary and ready to torture myself reminiscing over these stunning pics! When I left off last we had finished our first day on Fraser Island so just I'm gonna jump straight into Fraser day 2...

On the second day at Fraser we had a beautiful time exploring the island and travelling round the coast. Just to make sure we had the best view possible we hopped on this tiny plane and got whisked around the whole place - it was so stunning!

We flew out across the 75 mile stretch of beach and then enjoyed a birds eye view of the shark infested waters - the other group that went out even spotted a couple of hammerheads while they were up in the sky! We passed the shipwreck that we would later look at in more detail and then our pilot took us over the most stunning lakes...

Named for obvious reasons, Butterfly lake was so breath-taking to look at from the sky and was a definite highlight of Fraser. It was so amazing seeing those perfectly shaped pools of blue water deep within the masses of island greenery - nature at it's finest! Sadly, our little plane journey had to come to an end (not before the pilot thought it would be hilarious to do a ridiculous nose dive - pretty sure my stomach fell out my bum, genuinely thought I was a gone-er) and we landed safe and sound, or just about, back onto the sandy stretch.
We stopped off for a cup of tea and cookies - an essential even on the most glorious tropical island - and then made our way to our next stunner of a destination, champagne pools.
The waves crashing over the rocks leaves a kind of fizzing foam bubbling on the surface which gives the pools their name. The beautiful pools were unsurprisingly popular with people like ourselves who wanted to relax and enjoy the sunshine in this glorious little corner of the 75 mile beach, and when I took a dip in the water I instantly loved the place even more as loads of fish started to swarm around me! If you stood still for long enough you would look down to see fish of different colours just chilling around you trying to find food, one was eyeing my foot up for so long I thought it wanted to be friends but then it edged closer and closer and eventually nibbled me so I think he thought I was food as well. Safe to say I swiftly regained my land animal status and stuck to topping up my tan after that!
After the champagne pools we headed back for some lunch and then got a closer look at the shipwreck we saw earlier in the plane... 
The ship, a.k.a 'Maheno', washed onto the Fraser Island shore in 1935 after years of being used as a hospital in the first World War followed by many journeys between New Zealand and Australia. It was pretty cool walking round the whole thing and taking in what was left of the rusty wreck, but we couldn't walk too close or actually go inside due to it being protected.
When we'd finished at the shipwreck we hopped back on the bus to be taken to our next destination... which I will tell you all about in my next travel post!
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  1. This looks so beautiful! It's a huge dream of mine to visit Australia one day, your images are just stunning, I was literally looking at them with my jaw dropped haha. You have such a beautiful blog, I'm excited to have a read through your posts x

    1. Awww you're so sweet! This literally made my day - thank you! xx

  2. Stunning photography. Australia seems to be such an amazing place.

    Love, Kerstin

  3. Stunning photographs! What a view! It looks absolutely incredible, the trip around Fraser island in the plane looks so much fun :D