Sunday 14 August 2016

Australia Diary #3

Okay, I think it might finally be time for my third and FINAL (sob) instalment of my Oz diaries! If you can remember from my second Oz diary, I left off after our close up encounter with the first World War shipwreck on Fraser Island, so if it's okay with you, I'll dive straight back in where I left off!

We hopped back on the bus and drove away from the shore towards the middle of the island, for one last stop before the end of the day..

The sand dunes were impressive but scorching beyond belief, so after a little walk around and a few snaps we had to head back in to some shade before we all melted, and shortly after this we were back on our trusty bus once more and then safe in our cute and cosy cabins for our last night on Fraser.

In the morning, we were treated to one last magical moment as our tour guide pulled up with this beautiful little critter in his lap.


They'd rescued this gorgeous little squirrel glider after the poor baby fell out of a tree, and were taking it to get some help after trying to nurse him better for a few days. My heart almost burst it was so cute!

Okay, cuteness overload over and done with, I'll spare you the final bit of pottering around we did on Fraser as we soon headed back to mainland, and after one more night at the Rainbow Beach hostel we arrived at our next destination: Noosa! I haven't really got many pictures or anything from our few days here mainly because we spent the time majorly chilling. It was raining as well so we were limited to what activities we could do, and spent the time being ridiculously girly and going on cute cinema trips in the day and then getting drunk back in the hostel in the evenings... perfection!

After about 3 nights in Noosa we moved through Oz once more and arrived back at our first destination - Brisbane, but this time in an unreal apartment with a huge living room, massive tv, and a balcony with a view of Story Bridge overlooking the Brisbane river (a couple of cheeky snaps of the view on insta here)!

We spent the afternoon wandering round Brisbane trying to find supplies to make spag bol and in the process got caught in a lil bit of a rainstorm..

Quite a contrast from the glorious few days on Fraser island that's for sure! BUT, the next morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine and took the opportunity to explore Brisbane as much as possible. Here are a few snaps from the day!

The highlight of all this exploring had to be stumbling upon (okay when I say stumbling upon I mean hunting this place down on google maps like an angry pack of wolves who haven't eaten for a week) this delightful and delicious little home of doughnuts...

I mean seriously, just look at them!

If you're wondering whether they tasted as sickly as they look? Absolutely. I was so ready to demolish at least two when I was looking at all the unreal flavours on show, but half way through my doughnut and I never wanted to taste, smell or look at another doughnut for at least a year. Obviously that feeling lasted about 5 mins and I now happily gorge on boxes of Krispy Kreme on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, these delightful treats bring me towards the end of this blog post and my Oz journey, as the only thing remaining for us to do was have a few emotional drinks and then pack for the long flights home. Thanks SO much for reading this, especially if you've been following my other two Australia diaries as well. I really love how I can reminisce and share these wonderful experiences with you guys! xxx

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  1. Ahh this is such a good post Georgie! It looks as though you had an awesome time! well done for saving the wee squirrel glider. He's gorgeous!!

    Now following!
    Holly x

  2. Oh wow, I would love to go to Australia one day! I was getting my bands for my braces changed yesterday and the Orthodontist was telling me about his trip to Australia. Apparently, according to him, Melbourne is a must have place to visit, he even wants to move there one day!
    Aleeha xXx

  3. Ohhh I really wanna go to Australia, this looks incredible! You've got some serious food porn here, all I want is a doughnut now! xxx

    Y x |

  4. Great post! The sand dunes look and sound incredible, I'd love doing something like that and that squirrel glider is so adorable! Glad you guys were able to rescue it and nurse it better :)