Sunday 7 August 2016

The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven't done anything outfit or foodie related on here in quite a while so I decided to mesh the two in this evening's post...

I've had the most chilled day which started with a lie in, followed by a coffee in bed, and eventually progressed to getting up and getting dressed, *sigh* I suppose it had to be done at some point. Here's what I settled on wearing in today's heat! I always find loose white shirts wayyyy more cooling than other tops so this H&M staple was an absolute must. The Topshop skirt isn't current season but it's always a fave of mine - great colour (plain) and a fit that makes my legs look skinnier than they actually are - win win win.

I finished off this simple ensemble with these pretty asos boots - a teeny bit of colour in an otherwise monochrome outfit! After taking a couple of snaps I headed into town to grab a bit of lunch as well as a naughty cocktail...

The pornstar martini was definitely unnecessary but a totally fantastic decision, a great little Sunday pick me up. And the carbs were obviously 11/10. I've been really loving Prezzo at the minute - I used to go so much when I was younger I kind of just forgot it existed, but it's making it's way back up to one of my faves! Pictured above is the Penne Arrabbiata light option (yes, there was a light option and yes, I actually chose it) so half my pasta was replaced by deliiiicious salad, great for banishing any unwanted guilt.

I did a little shopping to burn off my food, popped in HMV to get a couple of old Marilyn Monroe films then raided Holland and Barrett to get some much needed detox teas. When I got home I was pleasantly surprised with some homemade halloumi skewers (THANKS MUM), and although I was ready to pop from my last meal I devoured them a couple of hours later. Yum!

I've spent the evening joining in the #lbloggers chat and writing this while Jurassic World was on in the background... a chilled end to a chilled Sunday. How do you normally spend you Sundays? Thanks for reading!

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  1. Those boots are to die for bloody hell, and you just look amazing doll xx


  2. I love your photos and you look amazeee! xo
    Beth Louise

  3. Those boots are lovely! Perfect pop of colour

    Greta |

  4. Prezzo used to be one of my favoutite places to eat a couple of years ago, I have to admit I haven't been in ages! The pasta looks amazing though! I also love the outfit you're wearing x
    Rachael ~

    1. I forgot about it for so long as well - so glad it's back in my life! x

  5. I love your boots so much, they're such a cute colour xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. i love them boots! they would be perfect for autumn

    steph x

    1. Yep I'm definitely still gonna be wearing them next season! x