Thursday 6 October 2016

The Perfect Contour Companion - Morphe Brushes 690

My last post was all about the magic that is contouring, so it only made sense to follow up with a run down of the tools that I use alongside my ABH palette. My brushes of choice? The extreeeemely reasonably priced 'Morphe Brushes 690 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Brush Set' - currently on Beauty Bay for £18.25 HERE - ya can thank me later. 

Okay, so instead of doing a regular review I want to try a new bullet-point method where I just fire out the reasons I lurv these brushes enough to recommend them to YOU lovely readers. Chit chat is nice but sometimes you just wanna get right to the point of a blog post so I''m trying to do that, although I am evidently failing already... OK POINT NUMBER 1.

1) They're sexy as fook. I mean seriously, white glossy handles and white-tipped ends? Yes please.

2) I actually use most of them - you know sometimes you get a set and then 90% of what you've bought actually never gets used? Not with this! I use the 3 big brushes religiously to blend out different parts of my contour on a daily basis, and the smaller eye brushes get used occasionally too. So yeah, defo worth the money.

3) The bristles are smooooooth as. Soft, silky and definitely feel worth a lot more than you pay for them. I could spend hours just stroking them on the back of my hand.

4) They actually do the job! They claim to 'provide a flawlessly contoured finish for the complexion'  and their buffer brushes definitely help me with this. I use the round buffer brush to blend in the dark contour around my cheekbones and forehead, the pointed contour buffer brush to initially stipple out the highlight on my forehead and under my eyes, and then the angled buffer brush makes an appearance to blend it all together so it doesn't look too disjointed. 

So there you have it - the reasons I love my Morphe set and why I think you should try these brushes too! Do they sound like something you'd love in your makeup bag? Maybe you've tried them already!

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  1. I still haven't tried Morphe brushes but they are just so so pretty! I really love your photographs here. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. These Morphe contouring brushes sound awesome! I can't believe that I still don't own anything from Morphe, but I definitely need this set!

    Olivia x | Liviatiana

    1. These are my first Morphe purchases and I would defo go back for more! xx

  3. What a gorgeous set - I haven't tried any Morphe products before, but I'm gonna have to order these brushes ASAP! Great review :)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty