Sunday 8 January 2017

The Sunday Post

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm aware I haven't posted in quite some time so apologies for that but I was just having too much fun drinking copious amounts of wine and eating excessive portions of cheese over the festive period to even touch my laptop! I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and a happy New Years (etc etc etc) but to be honest I'm pretty glad to be getting back into some form of routine again and being able to start a conversation without being asked how my New Year's was (yes - I had a nice Christmas, yep - New Year's is always a bit of an anti climax isn't it - now STOP WITH THE SMALL TALK PLZ). So, this post is just a general chit chat catch up kinda thing then hopefully some kind of regular structure will present itself on here over the next few weeks! 

I literally used to hate Sundays cuz I thought they were boring as hell and never really knew what to do with myself whilst dreading going to work the next day, BUT now Sundays are my actual fave and I absolutely adore having a day to surround myself with candles, slap on a facemask, potter around in my room and shoot some blog photos while having my favourite films playing in the background. I've just started a new job as well so any time I can grab to just relax and unwind is highly appreciated!

My 2017 has started pretty fabulously if I'm honest as I moved on from my previous work to start as an account executive at a PR agency... pretty much my dream job! I'm completely throwing myself into the role and loving every second even more than I thought I would so far so i'm super excited about learning loads and developing myself there over the next year! Aside from work life I'm also using this fresh start as an opportunity to just spend more time on the right things. I'm trying to get myself reading a lot more and my current book of choice is this David Bowie read - a sort of biography/self help mashup which I would highly recommend so far.

It's called 'Upping Your Ziggy' by Oliver James and is definitely worth getting your hands on! I love nothing more than sitting in a cafe absorbing this during my lunch break or whenever else I get a bit of spare time as it literally chills me out so much. Other resolutions I'm trying to work with involve the standard 'eat well, drink water, guzzle green tea' kinda stuff, but I also want to get better at organisation so I can balance my new job with posting on here as often as I can whilst also still having some time to work out... We'll see how well all that goes.

I haven't really got much else to update on to be honest, I mean I went to Leeds yesterday on a date and we spent the day looking at the homeware in John Lewis so that was a solid 10/10, but other than that nothing else is new with me! Hopefully normality will resume on here soon :)

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