Sunday, 26 February 2017

Boohoo x DOTM

When I was approached by Boohoo for their 'dress of the month' collaboration* I was a teeny bit apprehensive because the dress that they were kind enough to send me was a total surprise - I mean I know their clothes are gorgeous but there was a little part of me freaking out like omg what if it doesn't suit me. BUT, I had no need to worry at all as I was so pleasantly surprised when I open this beaut shirt dress!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Things I've learnt from my first month as a PR

So I've been working as an account executive in a PR agency for a month now, and I was just reflecting on how much I loved my job the other day when I realised I'd actually learn a heck of a lot in just a short number of weeks. The relationship between bloggers and PRs is always a pretty tight one, so I thought it might be interesting just to share on here some of the lessons and messages that I've already picked up through working in PR...