Sunday 4 June 2017

Venice photo diary

If you follow me on social media you will have been completely bombarded by Venice spam (sorrynotsorry) over the past few days, and now I'm back home from the city that stole my heart I am super excited to share all my pics on here! Everyone says that Venice is incredibly beautiful, but honestly I don't think anything could have prepared me for a trip as stunning as this...

When we arrived at the Airbnb I genuinely couldn't believe how great our apartment was, we spoke with the owners and they told us about how the property had been in the family for years, it really was something special. As soon as I stepped outside I was greeted by popping pink walls and so many beautiful flowers in the garden, soooo breathtaking!

I didn't waste any time before exploring because y'know... VENICE. But seriously how incredible are these views. 

And even in the evening, everything just seems that little bit more beautiful than anywhere else.

Aside from stumbling round the streets of Venice in absolute awe, I also spent a fair amount of time eating wonderful food and consuming a liiiittle too much wine. But if you can't do that on holiday then when can ya?

I also did some exploring from up above in the Campanile Bell Tower to get a bird's eye view of the city, and just as expected the sights were bloooomin' breathtaking.

There were a couple of things on my Venice bucket list that I absolutely had to do while I was out there - one of them was a gondola ride and the second was watching an opera, luckily I managed to do both!

The opera was truly stunning, from the venue to the performance I felt like i was Julia Roberts in that scene from Pretty Woman. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who's considering visiting Venice or wondering what activities to fit in whilst there. So worth it!

The ride on the gondola was equally as magical and I loved getting to look at the city from the viewpoint of the canal...

I only had a fleeting visit, but Venice has definitely stolen a piece of my heart and I hope I will have the pleasure of visiting again in future. The only thing to leave you with is my holiday happy face!

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  1. I'm going to Venice in exactly one month today and I'm so ridiculously excited! I've saved this post so I can look back for reference for when we go! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you had an amazing time Georgie xx

    1. Hope you had an amazing trip Chloe! Let me know if you write up a post on it! xx

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