Tuesday 11 July 2017

Philip Kingsley Summer Solutions

Summer is, and always has been, my favourite time of year. Hair gets lighter (or pinker in my case), skin gets freckly, nights are longer and mornings are brighter - all is good with the world again! Any time out of the office is spent lapping up Vitamin D like no one's business, and a calendar countdown to sun, salt water and sand is never far from my desktop. But, while I'm always super conscious of taking care of my face and skin during the summer, my hair doesn't really get the same level of attention. Cue Philip Kingsley!

To ensure that our hair makes it to the end of summer looking healthy and happy, Philip Kingsley have introduced their brand new 'Summer Solutions'* range. Little did I know that the sun can be just as damaging to hair as bleach can, as UV rays oxidise the hair in a similar way to bleach, weakening its protein structure and decreasing elasticity (YIKES!), so for someone who already colours their hair a fair amount added, protection is an absolute must.

Not only has Summer Solutions been created to guard against UV, the products also keep your hair safe from salt and chlorinated water damage, making the perfect travel pals. Over the last few weeks I've been playing around with a couple of items in the range just to get a feel for them, and I'm seriously loving incorporating them into my routine so far... 

SUN SHIELD - I religiously use this after I wash my hair then comb through before blow drying and styling my locks. Sun shield is a really light, beautifully scented mist that aims to smooth the hair and banish frizz while protecting against damage and dryness from UV rays, chlorine and salt water. This means that colour stays fresher for longer and hair looks and feels generally healthier! My hair's always shiny and sleek when I use this but doesn't feel greasy or weighed down like I sometimes find with similar products, so it's all positive so far.

A good hair protection spray is an essential for me and something I always choose to invest in, so if you're looking for a new addition I would 100% recommend this offering!

INSTANT BEACH - your classic 'salt spray' but without the salt! This texturizing spray features Elastin and Meadowfoam Oil to create bouncy beach waves but without drying the hair out. I love spraying some of this on the palm of my hands and loosely running my fingers through my hair after it's been washed and styled. It just gives it that extra bit of texture so that it doesn't look too flat or lifeless, all while conditioning and nourishing my locks.

AFTER-SUN SCALP MASK - okay, compared to the other two this product is a little bit niche, but if you've ever had the misfortune of burning your head on holiday this could soon be your best friend! I thought I'd try this out just at home because the Chamomile Extract and high levels of hydrating Aloe Vera mean it's great for sensitive skin, and even though I'm not on my holibobs this mask claims to keep the scalp healthy, supple and hydrated so I thought why not!

I used the mask on the roots of my hair and then blended it with some of the Elasticizer towards the mids/ends and slept in this overnight. My hair the next day felt SO healthy, and although 'scalp' is probably my least favourite word and topic of conversation ever, it is super important to create a healthy environment for hair growth and I will absolutely keep using this mask.

ELASTICIZER - I just couldn't leave out my holy grail hair product! The 24 beauty awards this product has received really speak for themselves, but on a personal level I can tell you the Elasticizer is absolutely top notch. As the worlds first pre-shampoo conditioning hair treatment, it delivers a rush of moisture into the hairs cuticle to help reduce breakage and restore the hair’s strength and stretchability, leading to less breakage and snapping. I prefer using this as a mask and then washing it off in the morning, as I know for a fact that I'll wake up with healthy, shiny hair. This product is such a luxurious treat and smells incredible too! Think your favourite hair mask... but better.

I hope this post has inspired you to take care of your hair this summer - I know things like this can often get overlooked when you're busy enjoying yourself on holiday, but if you can manage to come home with hair as healthy as you left with, then that's got to be a bonus!

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