Sunday 26 November 2017

Am I definitely allowed to drink in here?

When I got an invite to attend The Gin Festival in my home town of Peterborough my fingertips had barely pressed the 'reply' button on my email before I'd gushed a massive YES PLEASE response, but when I realised the festival was actually being held in the cathedral itself my interest peaked even more.

Don't get me wrong the building is obviously stunning and can hold a significant amount of people, but gin.. as in the spirit (not a holy spirit, an actual alcoholic spirit).. on a Saturday evening? Potentially a brave move on the cathedral's part but definitely something I had to get myself involved in! As expected, the whole place was packed with fellow gin-drinkers when I arrived, but the wrist band system that was in place (you put credit on your band at the entrance and then just scan it to deduct money every time you choose a gin) meant that everything was super slick and the organisation was on point.

On arrival we were handed our own Gin Festival Copa Balloon Glasses and a little book to tell us all about the different gins at the festival. For one token deducted from your wristband (the equivalent of £5) you get a single measure of gin, garnish and a Fever-Tree mixer that compliments the drink's flavour. My favourite from the evening has to be the Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur as it was absolutely divine, so so SO tasty, closely followed by Boe Violet - garnished with blueberries and accompanied by Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

Adding to the Saturday evening vibes were the live band and other entertainment, including talks from gin industry experts and loads of delicious food stalls tucked away in the wings of the cathedral! It was great that all of the space was being used so well and there was more than enough going on to keep you engaged for the night. 

All that's left to say is I will definitely be back next time, and if anyone wants to buy me some Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur we can be besties 4eva. Keep an eye on The Gin Festival dates to see when and where they're going to be next, you'll have a fabulous time if you manage to get to one!

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