Thursday 4 January 2018

2018: Acting more, thinking less

Well helllooooooo everybody and the HAPPIEST of New Years to you! So I've just done a little check and the last time I actually blogged on here was November, which means I'm definitely overdue a ramble. (I'm trying to crack a 'haven't even blogged THIS YEAR' joke but it's just gonna fall flat on it's arse so just appreciate the attempt was there.) Today I'm gonna talk about New Year's resolutions in general [brilliant or bollocks?] and then go on to discuss my own New Years' mantra, yes mantra.

In general I don't feel particularly strongly either way, but there's just something that doesn't sit quite right with me about New Year's resolutions. Maybe it's the little imp inside of me that instinctively thinks rules are made to be broken, or maybe there's something around a fear of failure, but the idea of setting these concrete resolutions and expecting to maintain them for an entire year is at the very least somewhat delusional. I mean we've all done it, come up with a couple of seemingly manageable resolutions and then by April not only broken them but forgotten that they even existed in the first place.

I'm also not so keen on this sense of waiting to act. I've seen a fair few memes, tweets, instagram pics etc about 'cutting off bad friends in 2018' or whatever, and I just kinda think to myself fuck that - if you're a dick to me on the 31st December I ain't gonna be watching the clock waiting to cut you off when it's the right time. Bye bye, adios, au revoir, auf wiederesehen, ciao, fuck off. I mean come on, if classic meme culture has taught you anything...

However, I don't want to give off the impression that I'm just not bothered about goal setting because honestly that couldn't be further from the truth. Goals and aspirations are so important to me because they inspire me both daily and long term. Having goals to aim for in both my career and my personal life spurs me on when I'm lacking energy, motivates me when I can't be bothered and helps me make better choices. It also stops me from being bored and miserable, I mean without sounding too doom and gloom if I had absolutely no goals in my life whatsoever, things would start to seem pretty pointless pretty quickly.

So what I'm proposing is some kind of middle ground - hence, mantra. 

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Right little philosophical so n so aren't I really.

Anyway, I know you're just dying to here more about my mantra (even typing that word makes me feel so pretentious it's amazing), so I won't dilly dally any more. My mantra this year is simply to act more, think less. Now I'm not talking about switching off the old brain cells for a year and just cruise controlling through life while most likely losing my job and all future prospects, what I mean by thinking less is shutting off all the white noise. The worry, confusion, anxiety, second guessing, uncertainty and most importantly self doubt. Basically I'm just gonna tell my brain to STFU whenever that whiny little bitch starts piping up again.

And as a result, I'm going to act more. Do more, feel more, say more, travel more, just experience more in general. I'm going to learn to say YES before my brain has even had the chance to think of all the no's. I'm going to jump for incredible opportunities before I even have a second to doubt my capabilities, and I'm just going to continue having all the fun that I've been having recently.

Just to give a quick example, I've never ever flown on my own before and the idea has always petrified me as my organisation skills are far from desirable, BUT a couple of days ago I thought oh fuck it and booked myself a flight to Bali to reunite with all my uni pals out there. YAAAAAS gal. pat on the back to me. Seriously though, it's all these small wins that add up throughout the year and the only thing I'm focusing on is just being the best, most focused, determined, purposeful version of myself that I possibly can be.

What do you think about New Year's resolutions? Something you buy into or just a load of bollocks? I'd love to hear your opinions!

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  1. LOVED this! Everything about it! I can’t agree more, if you’re thinking of doing something in November, don’t wait until January to start putting action in. It’s the same as ‘diet starts monday’ attitude (although I don’t really believe in dieting but can’t think of another example lol). Great read! Happy New Year lovely x Imogen