Thursday 25 January 2018

Stop sneering at ambition

Heyyy, so another topical post from me this week because I just can’t resist getting sharing my own two cents on these sorta things (what can I say I love a good natter) and unless you’ve been properly living under a rock recently I’m sure you’ll know exactly what I’m about to delve into. Yes *that* little internet moment involving a hotel and a blogger.

I’m not going to pick apart and re-live the event like I’m auditioning for E! News or something, but to give a bit of background for those of you who actually have a life and don’t keep up with this shit aren’t aware, a blogger approached a hotel asking if they’d like to collaborate, the hotel blasted the email all over social media and slammed the blogger for being so cheeky… then the whole internet blew up into two pretty strongly divided camps.

So, initially when I read about this, I must admit that I felt a twinge of ‘oh for goodness sake some people are so self-entitled these days’ because I assumed that for the hotel to kick off in such a way the email must’ve been really brash and rude. Then I read the actual email, and it wasn’t at all. It was polite, to the point, and had just the right amount of detailed explanation to allow the hotel to properly consider whether this was something they wanted to take forward or not. In absolutely no way was the email crafted in a big headed, rude or arrogant tone.

Now, some people online are absolutely shocked a the concept of these internet folk asking for freebies. Over and over again I read “pay your own way” “stop asking for handouts” etc etc. But I really feel like they're missing the point. She wasn't asking for a FREEBIE. She was proposing a business deal. If x then y. If you let me stay at your hotel for free/discounted rates then I will promote it on my channels where I have x many followers. Think about it, how much would this same company pay for an online advertising campaign? To advertise using this blogger, in total it will cost them the stay of the blogger. Now, whether that amounts to more or less than what they would hope to pay for an advertising campaign none of us will ever know, but it really isn’t as abhorrent a suggestion as they made out. Their response elicited such disgust at this proposition that I immediately had painted a greedy, rude character in mind, but the email was nothing short of a valid business proposition.

It’s absolutely fair to say that the blogging community has united over this – all of us are shocked at how someone could be so narrow minded and cruel to someone who was just polite – but I understand that to someone who isn’t involved in the blogging world at all, it could come across as cheeky, presumptuous etc. However, I really want to convince you that it isn’t. It’s actually a really ambitious move. All throughout our early education, secondary school, college, uni we are encouraged to push our limits, be creative, motivated, driven and most importantly have confidence in ourselves. Believing in yourself and your blog as a business is something that is to be hugely admired and looked up to, not something to be sneered at and shamed for. 

Do you agree or have you got a completely different view? I'd love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Completely agree, one thing I was shocked at the sheer volume of abuse and bullying which this highlighted coming from people on his Facebook page and on other social media platforms. I mean for Christ sake why people are getting that upset about a business deal being proposed and sending her death threats. It makes you wonder what is going on in these peoples lives for them to be so viscous. I was shocked! Great post lovely, and you look beaut as always! Love th glasses where are they from? Xx imogen