Tuesday 6 February 2018

Date Day at Bob Bob Ricard

So with it actually being February now (finally, we all made it!) Valentine's is creeping round preeetty quickly and I can't even get myself a tesco meal deal without being bombarded with lame ass cards and generic love-heart embossed mugs, pencil cases, teddy bears etc. I firmly believe that Valentine's is great for everyone who wants to celebrate it, but as you can probably tell I just don't buy into the weird tacky side of things myself - I'd much rather spend my money on a really nice meal or something you can experience together, which is exactly what we did this weekend. 

I've wanted to visit Bob Bob Ricard ever since glimpsing their sassy 'PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE' buttons on instagram. The interior really is a bit of me (so much pink) and if I'm completely honest sometimes I just wanna feel fancy for the hell of it. This was definitely one of those times.

Not only was the interior beyond stunning, all of the waiters were incredibly lovely and the food was delicious too. I had the Sauternes & Truffle Humble Pie and Leo had Roast Norwegian Cod with a side of French fries - we were both super happy with our choices!

We also felt really grateful because boohooMAN kindly challenged us to pick a complete outfit for Leo wear on our date, and although I may have given him a teeeeny bit of input, I ultimately had the final say. Sort of like my own real life Ken doll, ha. We ended up choosing this shirt - it's a really crisp, classic style so goes well with the dogtooth trousers we picked, but the contrast piping above the collar bones just adds a little bit of interest.

Sticking with the monochrome, Leo wore these wool dogtooth trousers and this jacket in black. What do you think... shall I add 'stylist' to my CV any time soon?

After our meal we attended the launch of a new skincare brand called Audace at the The London Edition Hotel, where the champagne flowed some more and I became progressively more giggly.

Absolutely ZERO chance of a non-blurry photo from this point onwards, please enjoy these shaky shots.

Cheers to a fabulous date and thanks so much boohooMAN for getting involved! Have you got any special dates planned for Valentine's or do you try and squeeze in date days whenever you can like we do?

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