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Hey babes! I honestly can't believe it's April already, probably because the weather is stuck way back in December or January, but I'm still getting that pre-summer excitement all the same. I've embraced a good old spring clean at my work desk and I've just started to do the same at home too. I always find that this time of the year is when I feel most motivational as it's just full of new beginnings, and the hint of light mornings and longer days make me yearn for a fresh new start in as many ways as possible. I've put together this little wishlist because a) it's full of the kinda festival dreamy items I'm lusting after right now, and b) I haven't done one in bloody ages! 

So the first item I want to mention is the stunning Clive Christian Perfume gift set for her*, the miniature bottles are absolutely exquisite and this set is the perfect way to embrace a fresh new feel and play with fragrances. I always stick to the same one perfume and although I love its sweet scent I am super intrigued by these combinations of floral, woody, fougere, fruity and chypre. In my opinion perfume should be something really special to make you feel super elegant, not just an after thought, and this collection has absolutely nailed that. 

Next I want to talk about my latest obsession with sequins and all things sparkly and colourful. I don't know if it's this doom and gloom weather or what but I am such a magpie at the minute! There is absolutely nothing practical, comfy or 'sensible' on my radar at all and I appear to have some strange desire to fill my wardrobe with clothes fit for princesses, fairies or mermaids (I would happily be all of the above). The Topshop Sequin Fringe jacket is just so cool and I can really picture myself wearing this with some black denim shorts and either of the cowboy boots featured above depending on my mood. The white Mango boots are just bang on in every way, I love them and they'd go with so much that I own, definitely a solid staple buy. The Miss Piggy boots on the other hand are a liiiiittle more out there, but if you know me at all you know I like to make a statement and these DEFINITELY do that. 

I've also been eyeing up some really glamorous eyeshadow palettes recently because I just dieee for those pinks and purples and all the shimmery glittery shades as well. What I like about both of the palettes above is they've got those really stand-out colours that you know will look mega for any kind of event/night out/shoot/festival, but then they also give you the more neutral everyday options as well. Admittedly they are pretty expensive but if you've got a birthday coming up or something you should have a least one of those on the list!

So these are the kind of items on my lust-list this month, what sort of things have been on your radar?

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