Sunday 29 April 2018

Creating Colour with OSMO


Those of you who have followed my blog for a while now will know that coloured hair is something I’m certainly not shy of. It all started a few years ago when I popped a little candyfloss pink on top of my blonde highlights, and over the years it’s evolved to a totally bleached base and just whatever colour I feel like having on my mop that day/week.

Having my hair stripped and bleached all over (to correct some ghastly root bleaching I’d done myself at home, don’t ask!) has given me a plethora of freedom when it comes to experimenting with colours and pastels in a bolder way than I’ve ever done before. I was pink for years, so letting go of my princess locks was a little tough to take, but it was time to move on to something new.

In remarkably good timing, OSMO* invited me to pick a few shades from their own colour collection to have a little play around with. Not straying too far from familiar territory, I went for Wild Pink, Wild Purple and Wild Violet from their 'Colour Psycho' range, because as much as I wanted to play around with some new looks, I still had my reservations about going for totally different colours just in case they didn’t suit me.

Another big thing for me is that now I’ve got a bleached blonde base I want to stick to pastels as much as I can. When I was pink I used to go really dark and intense because a) I’m lazy and wanted to re-pink it as infrequently as possible, and 2) my hair was always yellow and brassy from home bleaching underneath so the colour needed to cover up that mess. Now that I’ve got a super clean base and can FINALLY achieve those super light and dainty pastel tones that I’ve always adored, the last thing I want to do is slap an overly pigmented colour on top! So – being the amazing lovely brand that Osmo are, they also popped a Colour Tamer into the kit with the 3 colours I’d picked to give me a much more washed out pastel finish. Yay!

Because I am positively the most indecisive person in the whole wide world (or am I? I’m not too sure now) I couldn’t bear to pick just one colour, so I mixed up all three instead. I mainly used the violet as a base and then added hints of the pink and purple, followed by an absolute BLOB of the pastel stuff. I also dipped the ends of my hair into the pot of my mixture right at the end of the process so they were really smothered in the stuff and unintentionally ended up with this really cool dip dye effect!

What do you think? The violet added a lot more blue than I expected but that’s not a bad thing, I’ve never been blue before and it massively surprised me how much I actually like it on myself! I never really thought it would suit my skin tone to be honest so it was a very pleasant revelation. What I also love is how every time I wash my hair the colours fade and evolve into something slightly different. If you look at my Instagram below you can see how it’s faided to a kind of turquoisey mermaid thing which I am totally okay with.

As someone who loves experimenting with colour this has been the most perfect introduction to the brand for me and I would definitely recommend Osmo to anyone else that wants to try a new shade (or three). What would you go for?

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*Items in the post have been gifted but as always this post represents my true opinions.

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