Thursday 17 May 2018

Vintage dressing for a modern soul

I haven’t done a dedicated outfit post in what feels like forever, and this time I’m really excited because I’m mixing things up a bit and throwing it waaaay back to this 40s inspired sasspot of a number. I was about to claim that dresses really aren’t my thing before I realised that was a total lie, long boho maxi dresses are absolutely my thing, but cute tea dresses like this are more of an anomaly in my wardrobe.

I’m not sure if it’s my hair or my septum ring but I have always felt that something about my style just doesn’t fit with this classic retro kind of look. When I mentally dress myself up in these kind of outfits it ends up looking totally incongruous to me. On one hand we have this cutesy, wholesome, pure as heck dress with its floral pattern and soft feminine shape. And then there’s me with my blue (green? Turquoise? AQUAMARINE? God knows) hair and my scruffy-ass style. Do the two go hand in hand? I’ve never thought so. But when Joanie kindly got in touch with me asking to collaborate (and having watched their seriously cute pieces on Instagram for a long while now) I really wanted to try something different.

As I’ve recently spoken about over on GIRL’S CLUB, branching out into unfamiliar territory and trying new styles can feel pretty weird at first. BUT, when you make our own mark on an outfit and it actually ends up working, it's such a great feeling. That's what I've done here. I've paired this gorgeous Joanie tea dress* with my fave ankle boots and my trusty vintage baker boy (that may as well be glued to my head) and come up with a style that's just very me.

And let's be honest, there's no point in me even trying to come at it from any other angle than just being me, because even if I wore some cutesy dolly shoes or a twee little cardigan I'm still going to be there with my almost-neon hair and other attributes that most probably weren't around in the 40s. Experimenting with outfits, looks, items, styles and trends is what makes all this blogging malarkey so appealing to me - I absolutely love the fact that I can wear a really loud, vibrant, sparkly festival item one day and then switch to a soft, delicate vintage-inspired piece like this the next and still feel like I own it both times. Having total freedom to mix old with new and create some mash up between retro and modern styles is what makes an outfit great to me, and it's certainly something I'm going to be doing more of.

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*Items in the post have been gifted but as always this post represents my true opinions.


  1. This looks amazing on you! I actually have this dress too, but I'm too booby for it. Or maybe I just need a fab hat like yours...

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Hahaha don't worry if you look closely the buttons are being pushed to their absolute limits with me as well lol. I'm sure it looks great on you! xxx