Tuesday 26 June 2018

The affordable skirt you need this summer


Summer is 100% HERE and I am so happy about it. Blue skies, light mornings, long days, beers in the sunshine… what’s not to love? And with the warmer weather inevitably comes the wardrobe switch up, digging out old dresses you forgot you owned and finding sandals you can't quite believe you once wore out in public. But let's be real, trends change all the time and people don't stay the same size forever (I ate a lot of pizza between September and June and I'm not sorry about it) so sometimes you're left with absolutely NO other option than having to spend money on pretty new weather-appropriate clothes. Heh heh heh.

One such item is this Topshop skirt. It instantly caught my eye online because a) the girly fit and design is very me, but also b) because it's £22 - which for full-priced Topshop is almost unheard of. When it arrived and I tried it on there were no nasty surprises and it actually looked just how I imagined it would (something that literally never happens to me). I'm quite self conscious about my stomach so the style of this is really flattering for me as it doesn't draw attention round the middle but shows off my legs more instead.

I paired it with a casual button up shirt and kept the colours light and feminine - aside from the dark boots and hat that pretty much never leave my body. As you might be able to tell from these photos, I felt suuuuuper cute in this skirt and it has already become one of my new wardrobe staples... let's face it, at just over twenty quid you really can't go wrong.

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