Monday 27 April 2015

Manchester Fashion Industry - Nude Tones Event

Yesterday evening I headed into town and made my way to the extremely swish Manchester House Restaurant and Lounge where I zoomed up to level 12 to be greeted by some absolutely stunning views...

Friday 10 April 2015

Motel Mini

Skirt - Motel // Top - Topshop // Shoes - Public Desire
I think I've discovered the perfect mini skirt! And best of all it's only a tenner in the asos sale, yep, for realz. It's the perfect shade of blue, the perfect shape and has a really cool zip through front design. Basically, I'm in love. For a casual look I paired it with this high-ish neck topshop t-shirt and my current boots of choice, but it's the kind of item that will go with most things in my wardrobe.
I'm super sorry that I've been absent on here lately but I promise I'm trying to fit in posts when I'm not working on my dissertation! I have no idea how some of you manage to juggle regular blogging with uni, jobs and anything else that might be taking up your time because honestly my mind just boggles when I try and fit everything in. I'm trying to keep active online with social media as much as can as well but even that's proving a bit of a struggle, however I did host the #cfbloggers cruelty-free twitter chat last night for an hour and that was a load of fun! If it's of interest to any of you you should definitely get involved and join in next week as everyone's lovely and it's a great way to discover new cruelty-free makeup options. Anyway, I hope you like this outfit post albeit a rather brief one and hopefully I'll be posting on here again soon!
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