Am I definitely allowed to drink in here?

When I got an invite to attend The Gin Festival in my home town of Peterborough my fingertips had barely pressed the 'reply' button on my email before I'd gushed a massive YES PLEASE response, but when I realised the festival was actually being held in the cathedral itself my interest peaked even more.

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F**k your expectations

Dress -

So I saw this news story the other day and it really really bothered me. Bothered is probably the wrong word, disgusted would be more appropriate. But yeah, it's pretty horrific. To summarise the article, a 26 year old model recently posed in an advert with unshaven legs, and as a result of this received a barrage of abuse alongside threats of rape. Imagine living a world where a woman is threatened with rape because she chooses to leave her body as it naturally is meant to be, I mean how completely messed up is this!? It inspired me to reach out to my female friends and see what their thoughts were on these issues, and here's what they said.

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Why I'll always take chances

Nervously waiting in the Models1 reception in Covent Garden I suddenly thought to myself, ‘hang on, how did I end up here again?’.

So sure, I didn’t win the contract with Models1 x SkinnyDip, but entering the Instagram competition on the back of my ladies’ reminders (thanks CJ I will forever aspire to be organised like you) actually led me to be invited for the final casting at Models1 in London.

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I've got the bank holiday blues (bad)

Okay so I know it's already Wednesday, and yes we've officially made it over the 'hump', but I'm still mourning the incredible long weekend that I had the pleasure of spending in Cambridge with my better half (just kidding he's also a proper weirdo like me). Cambs is always a favourite of mine as you can't beat a quaint lil' punt along the river with a glass of prosecco in hand, but this weekend felt extra special as we decided to stay over night and treat ourselves to a room at The Tamburlaine.

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