Vintage dressing for a modern soul

I haven’t done a dedicated outfit post in what feels like forever, and this time I’m really excited because I’m mixing things up a bit and throwing it waaaay back to this 40s inspired sasspot of a number. I was about to claim that dresses really aren’t my thing before I realised that was a total lie, long boho maxi dresses are absolutely my thing, but cute tea dresses like this are more of an anomaly in my wardrobe.

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Eyewear made simple with Arlo Wolf

I don’t know how many people know this but on a normal day to day basis it is rare you will find me without a pair of glasses glued to my face. I can see very little without them and since I started needing specs at the age of 17 my vision has got progressively worse. After an awkward trip to the opticians (has anyone else just had to totally make up which letters are up on the screen because they genuinely can’t read any of them??) I FINALLY got my myself a very overdue up to date prescription, and very quickly looked to get myself a new pair of specs to match.

This is where Arlo Wolf* absolutely came to the rescue.

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Creating Colour with OSMO


Those of you who have followed my blog for a while now will know that coloured hair is something I’m certainly not shy of. It all started a few years ago when I popped a little candyfloss pink on top of my blonde highlights, and over the years it’s evolved to a totally bleached base and just whatever colour I feel like having on my mop that day/week.

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What to do when your work/life balance is non-existent

Ahh, the “work/life balance”, a phrase uttered by so many yet achieved by so few. A state of pure equilibrium or a mythical concept entirely? I’ll let you decide. But either way, it’s definitely something that we should be talking about.

With April being stress awareness month (so the internet tells me) I feel it’s a really apt time for me to open up this discussion and just share some thoughts around what a work/life balance means to me and what to do when you’re struggling.

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