Saturday 17 February 2018

Off Duty With Nicce

Something I often struggle with is getting the balance right when I don't need/want to style a whole outfit but I don't wanna look like a total bag of crap either. I'm pretty much all or nothing in most aspects of my life and my fashion choices are totally reflective of this. Finding decent brands to help me build out the "staples" in my wardrobe is something I haven't been doing enough of lately, as I naturally lean towards statement pieces or super colourful items. Show me a neon faux fur jacket with sparkles and rainbows and I'm all over it, one glance at some killer iridescent heels and I'm practically falling in love, but I just don't know where to start when I'm after that chilled kinda vibe.

Enter my new saviour, NICCE.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

Date Day at Bob Bob Ricard

So with it actually being February now (finally, we all made it!) Valentine's is creeping round preeetty quickly and I can't even get myself a tesco meal deal without being bombarded with lame ass cards and generic love-heart embossed mugs, pencil cases, teddy bears etc. I firmly believe that Valentine's is great for everyone who wants to celebrate it, but as you can probably tell I just don't buy into the weird tacky side of things myself - I'd much rather spend my money on a really nice meal or something you can experience together, which is exactly what we did this weekend.