Tuesday 29 December 2015

Boxing day x

Hi lovely readers! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with friends and family and have enjoyed the seasonal pleasures of eating and drinking until near explosion as well as opening gifts and just generally chilling out. I'm currently relaxing on the sofa watching the IT crowd and filling up on white wine, pizza and vegan sweets - literally the best way I could think of spending time off work! Although I've had an incredible Christmas period altogether, boxing day really stands out to me so I wanted to share a few pictures on here...

Thursday 10 December 2015

Secret Santa with HQhair!

The other day I received the most unbelievably amazing box of goodies* from HQhair  - and I am talking seriously unbelievable here! Imagine my delight when I open up the surprise package to find: a HD brows eyeshadow palette, a pur minerals eyeshadow palette, a Grow Gorgeous overnight hair mask, Redken metal fix hair colour, a Maybelline contouring palette AND a gorgeous peachy HD brows gloss amongst other things!... Yes, I have well and truly spoilt rotten.