Wednesday 30 August 2017

I've got the bank holiday blues (bad)

Okay so I know it's already Wednesday, and yes we've officially made it over the 'hump', but I'm still mourning the incredible long weekend that I had the pleasure of spending in Cambridge with my better half (just kidding he's also a proper weirdo like me). Cambs is always a favourite of mine as you can't beat a quaint lil' punt along the river with a glass of prosecco in hand, but this weekend felt extra special as we decided to stay over night and treat ourselves to a room at The Tamburlaine.

I'd been perving on a few pics of the new hotel over the past few weeks, and seen as though I got paid before the bank holiday (dangerous, very dangerous indeed), I thought I would book a night as a little treat. Boy am I glad I did!

Before I go into a bit more detail about the stay, let me just set the scene and enlighten you lovely readers as to the kind of day I'd already been having. So, the weather was lush, the alcohol was flowing, and Byron had provided us with the ultimate Saturday treat meal... Oh yes, what a plate.

We both had the B-REX (Onion ring, bacon, American cheese, jalapeƱos, pickles, onion, BBQ sauce, mayonnaise) and would 1000000% recommend. Unreal, 10 out of 10, 'bone apple tea' etc etc...

So after our taste-buds were delighted by the the beefy sensations going on at Byron Hamburgers, we made our way down to the Cambridge Corn Exchange to check out the big cocktail weekend that they had going on. I had no idea it was actually an international competition featuring amazing flair bartenders who spent the night on stage creating cocktails while shaking, throwing, catching and occasionally dropping the mixers and drinks. It was genuinely really entertaining to watch, potentially aided by the fact that we were surrounded by various cocktails stalls and indulged in a number of bevvys before we eventually staggered home.... but it was great entertainment nonetheless.

Naturally, Sunday greeted me with quite the hangover, but luckily this little thaaang called room service exists to nurture frail Sunday morning souls like mine back to health. Ohhhhh baby, this is the life..

Not gonna lie I did feel a little smug as I don't usually do anything extravagant like this, but it's a bank holiday weekend so I shall eat my eggs in bed If I bloody well want to. An hour or so to feel human again and I was ready to explore the parts of the hotel that I had neglected while I was busy tasting a billion different cocktails. These are just a few of the charming views that I took in while I was noseying around.

Gorgeous right? Looks like something out of a film set, I definitely want to go back soon and spend some proper time in the different rooms.

Hope you've enjoyed my first lifestyle post in a while - I don't always feel like there's a huge point in these, but any excuse to post pretty pictures and gush about burgers I will pretty much jump on straight away. Thanks for reading babes!

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