Sunday, 12 February 2017

Things I've learnt from my first month as a PR

So I've been working as an account executive in a PR agency for a month now, and I was just reflecting on how much I loved my job the other day when I realised I'd actually learn a heck of a lot in just a short number of weeks. The relationship between bloggers and PRs is always a pretty tight one, so I thought it might be interesting just to share on here some of the lessons and messages that I've already picked up through working in PR...

1) Nothing good comes from inside your comfort zone.
Massive cliché I know, but it's so true. It's so important to bat away your insecurities and job related anxieties and just knuckle down with the task in front of you without overthinking the outcomes. Give yourself a quick pep talk then bite the bullet and make your first call to an editor or send that email to the journalist you really want to work with - otherwise you aren't going to make the progress that you want!
And once you've done something for the first time, the time after that is always a breeze. I've already been delighted by some of the responses I've had back from my outreach and I'm looking forward to confidently building more relationships with people in future.

2) Self management is so important.
With numerous tight deadlines across different client accounts it's vital for me to stay super organised in order to avoid mental breakdowns on a daily basis. I can't even begin to praise my notepad and pen enough when it comes to keeping track of the tasks I need to complete - turns out you just can't beat the classic methods sometimes! Working in a fast paced environment, no one has the time to check up on you every five minutes to see how you're getting on, so I've really had to learn to properly manage my own time. I think that using your initiative and working independently are such important skills to have in the workplace, especially PR, so I'm really glad I'm developing these so much.

3) Life is great when you have a job you love!
"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." SO. DAMN. TRUE. When you think about it, you spend such a huge chunk of your life working, so it's not surprising that if your career isn't challenging or fulfilling you then you'll end up bored, frustrated and grumpy. I'm always busy so the time flies and every day I leave work feeling like I've achieved a lot or learnt something new - I'm literally so grateful that I'm blessed with a job I love!

Hope you've enjoyed reading my reflections from my first month as an account exec - if you've got any thoughts about working in PR or just work life in general feel free to leave them below!

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  1. So lovely to hear you're loving your job hun! :) There's nothing better than knowing you're in a job you love and waking up each day looking forward to going to work. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. It's so true about loving the job you do. You need that enthusiasm to get out of bed everyday, and also to put 110% into it.
    Sounds like you have a lovely role and I'm a little jealous, I won't lie.
    I'm currently in the process of starting a new qualification, which means I should hopefully be following a similar path into the office world. Who know's where I will be this time next year!

    I would love to see another update in the new few months on how things have changed again.