Sunday 26 March 2017

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Heyaaaa. Finally found a minute to catch up with life as a blogger and as spring has well and truly sprung (iya lighter evenings!) I couldn't resist chucking a few florals on here. I picked up this absolute dream of a dress in the Topshop sale a couple of months ago and I'm only finally getting round to breaking it in - I refused to wear it with tights cuz there is definitely potench for it to look kinda granny-ish so it's gotta be bare legs with this number for me!

I feel kind of like a floaty princess in this and also a teeny bit gothic - a combo I am definitely digging right now. What do you think of it? This dress also has really pretty details around the neckline and shoulders which you might not be able to see, but there are individual ties on each shoulder and one that does up around the neckline as well - so cuuute!

I'm on a bit of a spending ban right now while I try and save for a good few months, so I'm forecasting that I might not be able to link back many items for you to buy (I am so last season right now it's unreal) but hopefully you can look past it :) If there are any current items that are similar to the ones above please feel free to share the link in the comments below as that would be super helpful!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY MUVVAAAS DAY! xxx

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  1. You look gorgeous!! That dress is perfect with those boots, so pretty but a little edgy too

  2. You beauty! I am in love with this dress!

    M x

  3. Love the Miranda Priestly quote for the title haha! This is such a gorgeous look. Love that dress, so pretty!

  4. So gorgeous hun <3 xxx

  5. I love this dress, perfect for spring!