Friday 26 May 2017

My new favourite skincare range, from... the NHS?

Yes, you read that right. I've become extremely fond of a new skincare brand recently, and nope I'm not talking about the latest launch from Caudalie, or the new must-have product from Kiehl's - the products I'm obsessing over right now actually come from the NHS!

The NHS is such an asset to this country and with the upcoming elections on the horizon it's a seriously strong topic of conversation. However you choose to use your vote, the simple fact that the value of the NHS is being recognised and fought for throughout this country by so many is really great, and when I found out that profits from these products go back into the service, my interest peaked massively.

Unlike many luxury brands, these products are not loaded with overpowering scents and artificial perfumes, instead they are based on a natural sunflower oil formula, rich with fatty acids which both nourish and moisturise. The soothing products are also entirely free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, so you can count on the fact that the brand is safe for all the family. Even those with sensitive skin types or who suffer with acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea are encouraged to use these products as users have reported significant benefits.

Products in the My Trusty range* include:

My Trusty Sunflower Body Lotion
– an intensively moisturising cream for body and face. Ideal for dry, itchy, sensitive skin, this cream is easily absorbed into the skin. Available as a fragrance free cream for very sensitive skin or with added lavender oil to soothe.

My Trusty Sunflower Hand Cream – intensive moisture for dry hands. Available as a fragrance free cream for very sensitive skin or with added lavender oil to soothe.

My Trusty Sunflower Body Butter
- with bergamot, neroli and orange essential oils, this rich butter is intensively moisturising and suitable for use on the whole body including the feet.

My Trusty Sunflower Face and Body Oil – with rose oil, neroli, bergamot and rosemary, this oil is light enough to apply under makeup and makes a perfect night time moisturiser.


Personally, my favourite product in the range has to be the face and body oil, pictured above. I've been using this in the evenings as part of my skincare routine after I've removed my makeup and cleansed my face, and I'm really enjoying the benefits I'm seeing so far! My skin feels really nourished and fresh, kind of like how you feel when you've just done a great face mask, and I love giving it a boost with all these natural ingredients over night.

Another product that stands out to me is the sunflower body butter - I use it religiously when I get out the shower and it's honestly one of the best quality body moisturisers I've ever tried! It sinks in quickly, doesn't leave me greasy, gives me a really light fresh scent throughout the day and nourishes my skin in a gentle but noticeable way. Again, I would really recommend this, especially with summer round the corner I always rely on a quality body product to support my skin post-tanning!

For all the great benefits that these products have to offer and how gentle but effective they are on the skin, I think the prices are pretty reasonable (ranging from just £4 - £9), and you can pick them up from places like Tesco and Superdrug - so they're really accessible too! I'm genuinely really impressed with the whole range and can 100% get on board with any campaign that puts profits back into the NHS, do you think this is something you would try out?

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