Monday 1 August 2016

22 in Paris

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you'll have seen that I spent a couple of days in the city of lurrvee last week to celebrate me turning 22 (if that is really is anything to celebrate, RIP my wonderful youth). Naturally I had my camera out the entire time so I'm excited to show you a few of the snaps that Paris had to offer!

We arrived late afternoon on the Tuesday and after getting settled at the hotel and a quick outfit change we headed out to see the Eiffel Tower at night. I've been up it a couple of times before but I think it's way more stunning lit up so I was really excited to go and spend the evening there.

It was just as gorgeous as I expected it to be, especially when it sparkled and lit up the sky at every hour. When I was looking through my pictures I found this one where I'd clearly lost all concept of balance, but I actually kind of like how it turned out! Oooo artsy. After we gawped at the Eiffel Tower for a bit we went and got some food then went back to the hotel for the night.

On Wednesday we got the metro to one of my absolute favourite pockets of Paris - Montmartre. It's the home of the stunning Sacre-Coeur and I could get lost there for hours if I had the time...

I love all the quirky art there is to discover while you're walking through the streets, you never know what's going to appear round each corner!

My favourite of all though is the view from the stairs at Montmartre, you can see all over the rooftops of the city. It's pretty amazing..

After soaking in all the glorious skyline we walked for a few minutes to the Place du Tertre, a charming little square filled with restaurants overlooking the stupidly talented portrait artists. We settled down with some wine and a perfect view of the hustle and bustle...

After our drinks my camera died (gutted) so I didn't get to document our little shopping trip along the Champs Elysees, but it was filled with much Sephora loving and a couple more drinks. We relaxed for the rest of the afternoon and then went out for a chilled dinner before catching some z's in preparation for our last day!

On our final day in Paris I wanted to do something unique that I hadn't done before, so after a quick convo with google I decided on a 'vampire and mythical creatures' museum - can you get more unique than that? When we arrived at the google maps pin point we searched around the area for ages but literally couldn't see a museum anywhere, the only thing that suggested we were in the correct area was a rusty old letter box with the word musee painted on.. creepy or what!?

At further investigation I discovered the 'museum' was actually run in a vampire enthusiast's home, and could only be explored by appointment only - needless to sway we swiftly moved on and consulted google again for our next destination: Belleville.

With much more to offer than our previous destination Belleville was the perfect place to spend wandering around on our last day. I absolutely LOVED this intense graffiti wall! The whole doll and keys thing is pretty odd but the Elvis definitely caught my eye.

On our way to some food we found this amazing viewpoint, complete with equally puzzling wall art..

I can't even begin to work out the symbolism of these pillar figures (all suggestions welcome), but there's really something special about them!

We walked a little further on and then found a small authentic restaurant where the waiters were kind enough to guide us through the menu while our limited language capabilities made us look like blundering fools. Here's George enjoying his beef dish.

We finished our food and then walked back to the metro taking the scenic route through the local park, where we stumbled upon the most adorable sight, like, ever. A man had made an area for all the stray cats to come and chill and he was filling up their food bowls when we were passing through. It looked like he did it regularly as they were pretty comfortable around him and he seemed to know a lot about them. IT WAS LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER.

Unfortunately all we had time for after this was getting our stuff from the hotel and heading back to the eurostar, but I was really happy at the end of our trip with how much we crammed in and I enjoyed a much needed little snooze on the way home.

What things would you recommend to do in Paris if you've ever been? I definitely plan to go back so all suggestions are welcome!

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  1. What a fantastic way to welcome your birthday! Your trip looked magical! x

  2. I'd love to visit Paris - it is insanely beautiful. Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday hun x

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. Looks magical and I love your style!

  4. You found so much cool street art! But that museum does sound a liittle weird, also love the wobbly eiffel tower pic it is super artsy <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. haha thank you! Glad you enjoy my clumsiness x

  5. Lovely photos! Paris sure looks unique


  6. Wow these are gorgeous photographs! The eiffel tower photos are stunning! I didn't realise how much street art was in Paris, it's really interesting to see :) Hope you had a fabulous 22nd birthday! :D


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