Monday 7 May 2018

Eyewear made simple with Arlo Wolf

I don’t know how many people know this but on a normal day to day basis it is rare you will find me without a pair of glasses glued to my face. I can see very little without them and since I started needing specs at the age of 17 my vision has got progressively worse. After an awkward trip to the opticians (has anyone else just had to totally make up which letters are up on the screen because they genuinely can’t read any of them??) I FINALLY got my myself a very overdue up to date prescription, and very quickly looked to get myself a new pair of specs to match.

This is where Arlo Wolf* absolutely came to the rescue.

Glasses are just a faff. They’re often expensive, they rarely suit my face, and more often than not I always just think you know what – I’ll stick to my old battered Ray Bans that I’ve (proudly) owned since I was just 17 in school. I’m also the world’s most indecisive person and this doesn’t help. So, when Arlo Wolf invited me to pick some styles from their range, fit to my new prescription of course, I was actually really excited at the opportunity. Their process is literally as simple as this:

1) Order up to 4 pairs of glasses/sunglasses that you like the look of
2) Keep your ‘try before you buy’ pack for a week
3) Buy your favourite pairs
4) Return the others with the pre-paid postage label included

No more trying on glasses in those tiny little mirrors where you daren’t look anyway in case you resemble Harry Potter or that horrible old teacher everyone was scared of in school. And even if they do look good, those super comfy frames that can do you know wrong appear to be permanently sliding down the end of your nose five minutes after leaving the shop. UGH. See, with Arlo Wolf you can get a proper feel for the glasses over a lengthy period of time – without the added pressure of having to make a purchase then and there.

Another reason I am huge fan of the brand is because the glasses are so reasonably priced. And they have a system which means that the more pairs you buy the cheaper they become. 1 pair = £65, 2 pairs = £115, 3 pairs = £150. This may look like quite a bit of money but my fellow specs wearers out there will be all to familiar with how expensive glasses usually are and you can spend hundreds on a pair if you’re not careful. The styles that Arlo Wolf have to offer are not only fairly priced but they look amazing as well and they’ve got such a huge range to choose from – I honestly struggled loads narrowing my picks down to just 4 because there are so many frames that I want and would wear!

So, what did I pick? I went for the Laing frames in tortoise, the Thomas in tortoise gold, the Brooklyn sunglasses in pewter silver mirror, and I’m currently wearing the Atwood crystal frame as my every day pair at work. I got the prescription sunglasses as I’ve wanted a pair for ages and thought they’d be really useful. With this amazing weather we’ve been having lately looks like I made the right decision!

I really can’t sing the praises of this brand enough and on a personal level they are just super nice and friendly too. Have you ever ordered glasses online or is it something you just prefer to do in the shop?

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*Items in the post have been gifted but as always this post represents my true opinions.


  1. Oh those glasses look incredible - classic with a touch of retro but still so in time! Plus you rock your blue hair!:)

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