Friday 13 February 2015

The Vegan Kind - Chocolate Heaven Box

When I saw that TheVeganKind had teamed up with Considerit Chocolate to create a Valentine's Day box full of delicious vegan-friendly treats I just knew that it had to be mine. For only £13.15 the box swiftly arrived in a couple of days, full of the prettiest and tastiest chocolates you can imagine. In my box, I received a cranberry crunch chocolate bar, raspberry chocolate truffle bar, chocolate and honeycomb bar, a bag of chocolate shards and a mini box of heart shaped chocolates in flavours salted caramel, chilli, chocolate truffle and raspberry.

Spoilt for choice eh!? Not only do the chocolates both look and sound amazing, but let me tell you, they taste like an absolute dream too! Not even kidding, I ate the salted caramel heart earlier and it was so incredible that I actually closed my eyes whilst eating it like they do on cookery programmes - it was that good. I've already had the honeycomb bar as well (so much for making the chocolates last, oops) and that was so tasty, as well as being exceptionally pretty with its gold shimmery topping. The one that I'm really looking forward to trying is the raspberry truffle bar because, well, raspberry + truffle = heaven.

I thought it was really cute how the box had been done out with little red hearts and it would definitely make a really sweet gift for someone special if you planned on giving as a present rather than just keeping it to yourself like I have (ha, no one gets in the way of me and my vegan chocolate). It would be a really thoughtful present as well cuz I'm sure every other vegan can relate to the struggle of trying to find decent milk-free chocolate, let alone with flavours as cool as these, so to be handed a whole box of it like this is pretty much birthday and Christmas come at once.

Overall I am so happy with my order from TheVeganKind and will definitely be ordering boxes from them in future! Are food-based subscription boxes something that you would ever be interested in? What do you think of the contents of this box? Does it interest any non-vegans at all?

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow you beautiful readers!

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  1. Oh this looks LOVELY am I still able to get one? I have lactose free most things anyway and really trying hard to go vege so this could only help xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs